Saturday, 8 February 2014

Happy Feb 8th Everyone....

My birthday is tomorrow and I decided I wanted to mark it with a blog!! 

I created this brooch for my mother because she is such a beautiful and giving person.  When I sat down to make it for her my emotions ran with me.  Every charm mounted on this brooch is family and a great memory for her tied up in one brooch.

Across the pin is her mothers watch face with 2 diamonds in the tear drops, above the watch is an angel which represents her mother watching over the way....her grandmother lived to be 102 years old and my mother being the youngest child took care of her.  The 2 stones on top of the watch face are representation of my mother and my dad  ....BOTH DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH....

To the right of the brooch you see a "blood donors symbol which my mother volunteered every month to the clinic....below that is the Ukrainian blessed virgin who my mother's heritage is.... and a crucifix below that to show her religious belief in God.  The stone to the right of the cross is my brothers birthstone, my birthstone and my 2 daughters (her only grandchildren) birthstones.

Moving up to the lower left....the key represents the key to my heart mother...the rock!  Above that is a large cubic zirconium which represents MY MOTHER....I would love to mount a diamond, because she IS a diamond!  In final the rhinestone heart mounted is around her religious belief's and her children and husband!

She wears this piece proudly and I love her dearly for all that she is and has done for me!

That is the greatest birthday gift ....because I still have her in my life and can thank her for all that she has done for me!!

I love you Mom!!  Stay healthy!!

Donna ;)\

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